• Alice poppys - CPOTW Competition Entry Winner!

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    Alice Poppy has really delivered with this weeks CPOTW competition entry - with her camper van - she wrote in and said:

    "I thought I would share my latest project with you. This is my trailer tent with all new furnishings bought from the fabulous 'end of line fabrics'. It is my first attempt at upholstery and i am pretty pleased with it. The curtains are made from Academy Clairtex- 'rosy posy lime, lined with blackout material to stop any early morning wake ups! The bedroom curtains are made with 'confetti lemon' material. The seats are made from another Academy Clairtex material- 'say brook' in a lime green harder wearing material. I hope you like it."

    Well Alice a huge congratulations to you winning a HUGE 25% off your next order - great triumph and the results look fab ... well done.

    Add your entry by going to our FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/eolfabrics/

    or e-mail me: enquiries@endoflinefabrics.co.uk

    To see if you could be next weeks winner! Good Luck!

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  • Dress Fabrics Coming Soon!

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    Good Afternoon EOLF community!

    We are so very pleased, to announce in the coming weeks we will be introducing DRESS FABRICS to the site...

    We would love to know your thoughts on this so please comment below weather this is something you are excited about and we shall make sure you will be the first to know when they arrive on our doorstep.

    Joanna Read, one of our wonderful customers sent in this photograph with this statement:

    "Thought you might like to see what I made with some of your fabric. A bit different to upholstery! The jackets are made from your Henley stripe, but I used the reverse side as the blue side was a bit too shiny. My top tip is to always consider the right and wrong side of fabrics, they don't always work, but sometimes it does! These were made as part of a 1930s dress up collection for a National Trust house. My next project is some soft furnishings for my new conservatory."

    CONGRATULATIONS JOANNA! You just won 25% off your next order! In The Customer Project of the Week Competition!
    Inspired by her creativity, and many more of you asking for them and thirst to see more of your wonderful creations (he...he... we're nosy!) we have decided to supply more dress fabrics, so keep an eye out in the next week on the site for their delivery!
    Excited to see many more new projects arriving in my inbox when these come out!
    Make sure you share your dress making with us, as well as your curtaining and upholstery projects in the future by: e-mail:hannah.williams@endoflinefabrics.co.uk
    or posting directly onto our facebook page.

    Comment Below if your Excited!

    I know I am!

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  • WIN 25% OFF - Customer Project of the Week Competition

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    Show off your latest projects, whether that be a pair of curtains you have just made, cushions, an upholstered chair, or whatever wonderfully creative concepts you have come up with and you could also be in with a chance of winning a HUGE 25% OFF your next order with us.

    All you have to do is:
    Step 1: Take a photo of your project
    Step 2: Post it on our Facebook page
    Step 3: Tell us what fabrics you used
    Step 4: Add a comment or tip & Post
    Step 5: Wait... Whoever gets the most likes, comments and shares on the page will win that weeks competition.

    TOP TIP:
    Boost yours, ask friends and family to like it, and maybe you will walk away with a HUGE 25% OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER on top of an already extraordinary discount...


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  • CPOTW - Vikki Skipper Entry

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    She Wrote: Gorgeous bedroom curtains made with Ena Shaw, Lindale Heather fabric, nice ad full with blackout lining... Love em.

    Reply: Congratulations, what a wonderful job you ahve done on them, they look fantastic with the eyelet finish, and fantastically full curtains, well done!

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